Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everyone In The World Needs To Watch This Video.

Arctic Man, Alaska

Similar to the Phoenix, Arctic Man rises out of nowhere,  but instead of hot ash,  it rises out of deep cold snow.   

Every year, in beginning of April,  an isolated quiet valley near Paxon, Alaska,  transforms into a hell raising, music playing, firework shooting,  party that takes on a life form of it's own.     14,000 people from around the state, gather to release stress from living through another long, dark, and cold winter.    

The event is cleared by bull dozers and front loaders, which spend days pushing away deep snow, creating parking lots big enough to contain a gathering so big, it becomes one of the largest cities in Alaska.  

It's an amazing transformation, as crowds begin showing up, by car, truck, plane,  and motor home pulling trailers full of snow machines.  Even the military makes unannounced visits,  buzzing the event with fighter jets and helicopters.   

Arctic man is a gathering like no other in Alaska.  An Alaska version of Nascar.   The wide open spaces, allows enough room for thousands of riders to go mad in the hills, giving them a choice of terrain to play on, ranging from steep mountains,  icy glaciers, and flat rolling hills.  Untracked powder lasts for days,  but by the end of the event, there isn't a mountain side near the event that doesn't have tracks on it.      

One of the highlights of Arctic Man, is a race like no other in the world.      Skiers, snowboarders, and snow machine drivers will push the limits in a 4 plus minute race that takes them up and down several mountains.     Racers reach speeds over 80 mph,  trying to be the fastest down the course.

Skiers and snowboarders,  start from what they call "the tit".   A high mountain top with amazing views of the surrounding area.    Racing down as fast as they can, they race through the canyon below, then   connect at the valley floor, with the snow machine driver who is waiting for them.
After racing down the canyon, racers have to grab a hold of a tow rope and hold on tight as they then get  pulled up through a canyon, to the top of the next mountain.
Racers and drivers catch air as they head back up the canyon at speeds around 60 mph.
One of the fastest sections along the course,  is the flat area on top of the second mountain.  Here drivers can push their machines as fast as they can go, reaching speeds close to 90 mph.
They then disconnect from the driver and carry their speed over the last drop off to the finish.

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The fastest racers, will catch over a hundred feet of air launching over this drop.

The scenery is breath taking.  Endless terrain to snow machine on.   With volcanoes in the back ground nearly 100 miles away, creating a photogenic backdrop, that reminds me of Iceland.  

Even the night sky seems to party during the night.  Northern Lights can put on a show adding to the unique atmosphere.
Northern Lights over the Arctic Man Camp.
The scenery never gets old as you pass volcanoes, glaciers, and towering mountains along the way.
The landscape on the way to Arctic Man is never dull.
Entering the town of Glennallen.

Camera man from the show "Alaska State Troppers.    with Howie who runs Arctic man. 

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View full Arctic Man 2012 Album.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Same Pathetic Excuse, Different Part of the World.

I photographed this sign in Costa Rica. " My eggs are not the Solution"    Meaning eating my eggs isn't the solution to your lack of sex drive.    

Locals are digging up sea turtle eggs and pushing  several species of sea turtles towards extinction, over sex.    Time to end these out dated traditions.  I'm sure  the rhinos would enjoy keeping their horns, tigers would like back their penis,  sharks need their fins, and bears would appreciate their gall bladder.  Time to end these out dated traditions.  Do the world and future generations a favor and buy Viagra!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Panama City and One of Man's greatest Engineering Achievements.

Top Things to do Around Panama City 
  1. Take a City Tour of Panama City
  2. Watch ships pass through Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal
  3. Experience the Night life and many great restaurants  
  4. Train ride from the city of Colon, back to Panama City, along Panama Canal. 
  5. City tour of Casco Viejo
  6. Visit the surrounding Parks.   
  7. Relax before heading back off the beaten path.

Mira Flores Lock from a distance
The last stretch of Canal before ships travel under the bridge of the Americas and out into the Pacific Ocean.  The bridge connects North and South America.

 Miraflores Locks are a series of locks that ships pass heading into or coming from the Pacific Ocean.  Costs around 20 dollars to take a taxi the canal from downtown Panama.   It costs 5 dollars to enter the gift shop and viewing area.  Expect big crowds.

Guton Locks is more interesting to visit.  You get so close to the ships, you feel like you can almost reach out and high five the passengers.    The crowds are much smaller as well.   To get to them, take a Colon bus from the main Panama City bus stop, crab a taxi in Colon and head to the locks.    Then take a train along the canal on the way back.  View photos of Panama in central America Album

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Borca Del Torro, Panama

Starfish Beach

Poison Red Dart Frog, on Red Frog Beach
Red Frog Beach

Town of Borca Del Torro

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Blue Morpho
Town of Bora Del Torro

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