Sunday, December 5, 2010

Top five favorite places in Morocco

5. Essaouira

Essaouira is a surf/kite boarding town in southern Morocco, with a hippy twist to it. Visit the medina for fresh seafood, go quad biking down the beach and sand dunes, or just get lost in the charm of the old fishing town. The harbour is great for photography. Fisherman are busy repairing boats, building new boats, and delivering their catch. Only thing I disliked about the town was that one of the biggest markets here is shark fin soup. Every day fishermen head out in small blue boats to catch sharks only for their fins. Such a waste. The soup tastes like shit anyways. 100 million sharks every year are killed for such traditions. If you couldn't tell, nothing pisses me off more than this tradition.

4. Fes

The thing that I loved most about Fes was the medina. It's a must if you plan to visit Fes and Morocco. It's the biggest and most preserved medina in the country. You really feel like you are back in time. If you appreciate hand maked crafts, then bring your wallet.
Try not to get lost walking the streets, but if you do, don't worry just try and soak up the experience. Surprises lie down each pathway. If you still can't find your way out. Just pay a local kid and he will be happy to show you the way out.

3. Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is a quiant mountain town with lots of charm. One of the most photogenic places for photography. The town isn't very touristy so you don't get hasseled like you do in bigger cities. Plan on at least two days here. It's fun just walking around the many back streets.


Marrakech is a must to visit. It's square can keep you entertained for days. The place is the cleanest big city I visited in Morocco. The performers, story tellers, snake charmers, and fortune tellers will try and suck you for all your worth, but it's still a great experience interacting with them.
If you keep an open mind and not let them get to you, you will have a great experience. Don't miss out on the food in the market for KFC or McDonnalds. The square food is amazing and very cheap.
You will get plenty of experience haggling in this town, and actually wish this was the way it worked back home. Haggling is an artform that you only get better at over time.

1. Atlas Mountains.

I loved the Atlas Mountains. The small towns tucked in along it's range,will leave you with the experience you wanted when traveling to Morocco. In the winter a blank of snow covers the tops of the largest peaks and makes for great back drops for photography. Buy yourself a Jellaba and blend into the culture. You won't be disappointed with the Atlas mountains.

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