Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding my Paradise

It took me less than a day to get sick of Cancun.    I am not in Mexico to party at huge clubs,  watch girls gone wild live, spend all my money on cover charges, shots, and then come stumbling home piss drunk, to sleep in hungover the next day.    As soon as the sun was up, I  stepped over a guy passed out on the floor, walked to the estacion de autobuses, and  headed south  along the coast.   I was in search for a place with less of a memory and more harmonious.

 I found that in a town South of Playa Del Carmen.  No buildings were higher than two stories.  Mega resorts turned into bungalows and cabanas.  The swaying palm trees,  complimented the beautiful rolling waves.  The beach sand was the most soft white powder I have ever felt with my toes.    I  wished I had just taken a bus from the airport straight to this place.

 It was a complete flip from where I was two days earlier.  A frozen lifeless ocean was now a active glittering turquoise blue sea.  Spruce trees loaded with snow, were now palm trees loaded with coconuts.  People covered from head to toe in snow gear, were now exposing as much skin as they could.   And in the distance along the coast,  to make the place even more stunning,  a Mayan ruin, sat atop a cliff, reminding you of a powerful empire that once stood at this very place. 

Once I got my fill of the warm ocean, I made my way from the sea and sat down at a seaside snack shack,  with log walls, palms for a roof, and a nice older woman greeting me with a smile. I ordered from a small hand made menu.  "Hola, puedo pedir la comida de mar y los tacos de carne de tres."   

 When my food arrived, I sat for a second and to soak up my new environment.  Two woman were  topless to the right of me,  practicing fire dancing together.  Another topless woman practiced her salsa dancing alone, in front of me,  and a fourth topless  woman was happily building  a sand castle, and groups of topless woman kept walking past.    I couldn't help but laugh to myself.  Sure beats the cold Alaskan winter!


  1. I will be following your adventures as I did in Africa. Cancun isn't my favorite place but the Yucatan has some great places off the beaten path. Sadly they are a bit more difficult to find than they used to be when I started going there 15 years ago. I know you will love it. Safe travels! Lemie (Lem Lou on Facebook)

  2. Happy to have you follow my blog. The world is changing fast, have to find the places before they become spoiled.

  3. Hi Bri, it's Minta.I'm reading your posts to Toby so he can hear about his Uncle Brian's adventures. Can't wait for your next one!