Monday, February 6, 2012

Entering Belize

I'm back from two weeks off the grid and basically back from traveling back in time. The last two weeks were some of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had.   I'll talk about this experience later on.   For now I've managed to find myself a nice bar in Caye Caulker, Belize, that has free wireless and having dinner with my girlfriend who flew down from Alaska to travel for the next two weeks with me.

I made my way to Belize, by water taxi.  Arriving just as the sun was setting, dolphins were hunting for fish in the shallow waters.  The ride was smooth because the islands and reef block the waves.  We both timed our arrival so perfect that  she actually flew over me, landing on the small island runway in a small puddle jumper,  and arriving at the cute Maxapan Capanas a minute before I arrived.

The water taxi from Chetumal, Mexico,  was actually very simple to catch.   I figured it would be much more work.  Made it cheap and fast to get to the barrier islands, of Belize without having to travel to Belize city.   It cost only 37 dollars for a 2 hour ride, you can buy the tickets right and the Chetumal bus station, then check in an hour before it leaves.    The taxi leaves once a day at 3:30.   I'll include more info about this later when I get more time. 

For the next three days, we will be exploring the second biggest barrier reef in the world, behind the great barrier reef in Australia.  Tomorrow will be spend on a sail boat, traveling from island to island, and to a place we can dive with sharks.   I'm looking forward to traveling with a companion, since most of the time, I'm traveling alone.   Sunsets and sunrises will be a little more special when you have some with you that you care about, and it's always good to have some one to laugh with and share the experience with.    

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