Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Panama City and One of Man's greatest Engineering Achievements.

Top Things to do Around Panama City 
  1. Take a City Tour of Panama City
  2. Watch ships pass through Miraflores Lock, Panama Canal
  3. Experience the Night life and many great restaurants  
  4. Train ride from the city of Colon, back to Panama City, along Panama Canal. 
  5. City tour of Casco Viejo
  6. Visit the surrounding Parks.   
  7. Relax before heading back off the beaten path.

Mira Flores Lock from a distance
The last stretch of Canal before ships travel under the bridge of the Americas and out into the Pacific Ocean.  The bridge connects North and South America.

 Miraflores Locks are a series of locks that ships pass heading into or coming from the Pacific Ocean.  Costs around 20 dollars to take a taxi the canal from downtown Panama.   It costs 5 dollars to enter the gift shop and viewing area.  Expect big crowds.

Guton Locks is more interesting to visit.  You get so close to the ships, you feel like you can almost reach out and high five the passengers.    The crowds are much smaller as well.   To get to them, take a Colon bus from the main Panama City bus stop, crab a taxi in Colon and head to the locks.    Then take a train along the canal on the way back.  View photos of Panama in central America Album

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