Monday, March 26, 2012


Most of the time it takes a while to transition back into reality after traveling.  It's like decompressing in scuba diving.  Come up to fast and the senses get overloaded.   The poorer the country, the longer it takes, to decompress.   It's a reverse culture shock.

Arriving into Atlanta airport, I found myself at first glued to the news channel. Trying to catch up on what the top stories are.    Then after ten minutes, I found myself next to people reading books, where I couldn't hear or see the television.   American news channels are way too dramatic and overkill for someone coming from a slower paced lifestyle.  It totally kills the zen and travel high.

Stepping off the plane in Alaska, put my body into another type of shock.  In Panama it was hot, humid, and tropical.  In Anchorage it was 10 degrees and five feet of snow.   Since being back, everyone has been telling me how we are 3 inches short of breaking the all time record for snow fall where I live.   So people are in this false high about snow.  Just because they want to experience a record year. Four more inches and struggling through a tough winter will be worth it to them.   Give them something they can brag about later.

When I return from a trip, you will find me glued to my chair at my computer, going through  my photos and working on the best ones to add to my website.   Once I upload them, I get my final decompression. I can finally relax not having to worry about losing my memory card, having it stolen, or broken.

Besides traveling,  looking through my photos is my favorite time.  It's always great to relive your trip.  It's one of the reason I love photography.  Capturing memories that last forever.    

At the moment I have added my favorite pics of my trip.   I hope you take a chance to look at my Central America Album on my website.   Hopefully it motivates you to book your own adventure.  Or better yet, purchase a print or two ;)    Click on this link. 

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