Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa

Addo Elephant National Park is a great place to see elephants, elephants, and more elephants. And lots of elephant poo.   But don't think that is all it has to offer. Addo is unique, in that it is also home to the big seven. The famous big five, the elephant, cape buffalo, black rhino, leopard, lion, but also includes the less viewed whale, and great white shark.

Most tourists find themselves driving around the park along such loops as Gorah loop, that take you through huge herds of elephants, grazing on open grassy fields, that resemble a scene from the movie Jurassic Park.  It's great for photography and allows you to get a great view of the surrounding park.

In other parks,  safari guides try to keep their distance from a huge herd of elephants with young.  In Addo, you just move right through them.   The elephants seem to know their role.

But don't worry,  if too many elephants would seem to get dull after a while,  their is plenty of other animals and bugs to keep you entertained.   Keep your eye out for  kudu, eland, buchells zebra, and Red hartebeest.    It was the only place in Africa I have seen a bat eared fox,  and it was always entertaining watching the many flightless dung beetles, pushing their huge ball of elephant dung backwards.

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