Thursday, June 9, 2011

Miller Genuine Draft

There is one thing that reminds me, that I'm back in Bristol bay, above anything else. More than the smell of fish, the smell of the ocean, walking around the town of Naknek, and even more than the crazy bar fights and wild grizzly looking fisherman,in the smokey Red Dog Saloon.

It's a taste that goes along with every day I'm out here. Starts before the season, with long days working on the boat, working on the engine, changing the oil,checking the hydraulic fluid, loading the nets, painting the deck, the rusty metals, getting it ready for fishing. It's a taste that goes along with the long journey from the Naknek River, past all the canneries, then out to sea, past Johnson's Hill, down the Alaska Peninsula, to where we fish for salmon.

The taste that goes along with every completion to a day of fishing, my rain gear covered in fish scales and blood, my arms and shoulders sore. The way to delivering our catch, after we anchor up, wash down the boat, and finally after we get out of our rain gear and get to finally relax in a warm cabin.

The taste is great on stormy rough seas, rainy cold showers, but tastes the best on sunny warm days or Bright orange sunsets. There is nothing better than the taste of a Miller Genuine Draft,after a long grueling day, commercial fishing in the Bering Sea.

It's a taste I only enjoy for two months of the year, since our captains only drink "MGD". The crew on the world famous crab boat Time Bandit, made famous in the deadliest catch. Calls our captains the "MGD brothers". For the rest of my life, Miller Time, will forever make me think of "fishing time, out in Bristol Bay, in the Bering Sea of Alaska.

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