Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Traveling the Nile by Felucca

Traveling down a river isn't normally as relaxing as sailing by felucca down the Nile.   Swift currents, rapids, and sweepers are always a danger in most rivers where I live.   I'm a fishing guide back home in Alaska, and I row clients down remote rivers in the back country.   One wrong move and you can flip your raft.   The cold waters will give someone hypothermia in minutes.

I have to admit it was nice to sit back and be taken down a river as a client. Didn't have to do any cooking, didn't have to put up tents, or clean any fish.   I just laid their with my shirt off and enjoyed the views. 

You can't get anymore relaxing than riding in a sailboat down a slowly moving river like the Nile.   This far up the Nile, the water is clear, looks clean,  and is a great temperature to swim in.   Nile crocodiles sometimes make their way around the High Dam, but are caught by local fisherman before they pose any threat.  Hippos in this area are only seen in ancient carvings.   So their isn't much to worry about. 

Feluccas are man made sail boats, some customized to transport tourist like myself in  luxury.  Some some will take you for days trips, or sunset cruises,  others will take you on multi night sailing trips.   the most relaxing thing about a felucca in a place where it rarely rains, the entire sailboat is a  super sized king sized bed.   You are protected from the sun by covering, so you don't get fried, other than that you just lay down and enjoy the ride.   If you choose to sun tan their is room on the sides or front to lay out.   When you get too hot, just flop overboard and go for a swing.

Except for toilet breaks and pulling over to swim, the felucca keeps on sailing.  At night they will tie up to shore and built bone fires for you to enjoy the desert stars.    If you didn't want to move an inch, you didn't have too.  Just wake up eat the food prepared for you and then go back to sleep. 

The speed at which you travel all depends on the wind.  If the wind is blowing hard, you cover ground at a nice pace.  Tacking back and forth down the river.   If there isn't any wind, you just float like piece of drift wood.   

Occasionally the large cruise boats pass you by.  The people on board waving to you, as they pass from their deck chairs.    I'm not sure if they wish they were riding in a felucca, but I don't wish I was board the cruise liner.

There is something enjoyable about traveling without the noise of an engine.   Hearing the water rush against the side and the flap of the sails.   

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