Thursday, May 13, 2010

Popping my Blog Cherry....I Hope It's Love?

I've finally jumped on the blogger band wagon and I have to admit for now, it's really exciting. After three underachieving years in professional baseball, then a few years of trying to find myself outside of sports, I feel like I am finally heading down a path that I was destined to do. It's hard to walk away from a career where you spent your whole life training for, had such high expectations for, and consumed your identity, but that's life. Things don't always work out for the best, so instead of dwelling in the past it's refreshing to start a new beginning.

I have always been passionate about living life to the highest possible level, but now having all the time and freedom to my disposal, I am even more motivated. I've always valued life experience, as one of the more important qualities in people. Sheltered ignorance is good for beer drinking buddies, politicians, and even half term governors, but not for understanding the bigger picture. Intelligence to me can be achieved by just reading and memorizing facts, then regurgitating them to sound smart. Wisdom comes from what you learn through life experiences and discovering things on your own.

My recent adventures have enriched my life with a better understanding of the world. The things I have seen along the way have matured me, inspired me, and definitely open my eyes in ways athletics never could have.

Just like other photographers and journalists, I am passionate about sharing experiences and stories from around the planet. We are driven by our own impulse to learn and absorb. Since I was young, I have always been an explorer, a story teller, and adrenaline junkie. Impulses driven by a euphoria addiction to the life less traveled. I believe adventure is in our soul. Why else would we hold explorers, astronauts, and adventurers to such a high level of respect both in history and in our dreams.

My blog is titled "Beyond Adventure, Photographing Life's Remaining Treasures," because I want my travel to be more than just adventure, but to photograph the serenity of earth's remaining treasure's before they disapear. Hopefully through this blog, I will inspire people to reach their inner soul and pursue things that they are passionate about. Life is too short to hold back. "Dream as if you life forever, live as if you will die today" James Dean

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