Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Road Trip through Arizona

It's been fun driving around Arizona, visitng some of the places I have always wanted to photograph, and hanging out with my dad. I have to make it back to this part of the country again. So many places I would love to spend more time exploring. But for those who want to visit Arizona, here's a few places you should see.

The trail from Grand view, down into the Grand Canyon is a great hike. It's steep but has some amazing views. You get away from the crowds fast. Just watch your step.

View from half way down the canyon.

Remember the further down the canyon you hike the further back up the canyon you have to return.
View from the head of the Grand Canyon. Driving west

Meteor Crater near Winslow. This crater is the most preserved meteor crater in the world. It's around 550 feet deep. It was created by a meteor around 110 feet wide.

It's an impressive sight. But had to pay 15 dollars to see it. I hate tourist traps.

Dad hanging out at the crater.

Drive back to flagstaff from Crater.

Red cliffs of Sedona make for a beautiful back drop. If you like artsy towns you will love this place.

Did an awesome hike back behind Sedona in a canyon. The sandstone is easy to climb.

Ask any body in Sedona about what to see while you're there and they all say to hike and visit the vortex's. They say you feel a strong energy. Not sure if you have to be on drugs to feel this because I didn't feel anything. Well here's the only evidence of a vortex. A twisted tree.

Wide angle of twisted tree

Town of Sedona from location of another vortex.

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